Safe traffic campaign “Vision 0”

Problem: Create a website for the safe traffic project

Most of the road traffic accidents in Lithuania are caused by young drivers in their 20s and 30s. Their irresponsible behavior (e.g. speed driving, drunk driving, etc.) which often leads to injuries and deaths on the road is due to the lack of understanding that roads are public spaces (as much as pedestrian zones) and that driving a private car does not give a license to treat the road as a private backyard. Hence there is of campaigning for public spaces to raise awareness about roads as shared and indeed community spaces where the same social norms apply as off-road.

The website presents a platform for the public awareness. It has been designed as a tool for interaction and sharing experiences about crimes on the road. Moreover, it contains a section with detailed descriptions of the most common causes of traffic accidents in Lithuania.

Front page, “I saw a crime on the road”, “It could be caused by…”

Performer: Socinvest

Partner: NGO DEMOS

Creative Commons License   Social Investment Management Center