Fight for the public cinema “Lietuva”

Problem: Participate defending the cinema “Lietuva” and public space around the building

Since 2005 we support public campaigns related to the cinema “Lietuva”. We help to organize protest and art events as well as promote them within society.

About the cinema “Lietuva”, “Baltic Times”, 2005
“By the end of the summer, if property developers get their way, the iconic Lietuva cinema will disappear from the Vilnius landscape altogether. In a city that has already lost 15 cinemas in recent years, the theater’s demolition will effectively signal the end of independent film screening in Vilnius. Not only does this mean that the viewing choices of thousands of filmgoers will be severely limited, but valuable cultural and economic benefits will also be lost to the so-called European Capital of Culture 2009.”

As for now, in 2009, the situation around the cinema remains unclear. Anyway, public protests have stopped the demolition, but the fight for public space continues.

In 2005 we publish the newspaper “Protestas”

One of the posters, “Don’t let ruin our Lithuania”

Partner: Socinvest

Campaign organisators: Pro-test lab

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